Community engagement software

District Engage connects your community with public services, projects and initiatives
Customer democracy

Gather insights and ideas to make better data-driven decisions

Simple to use

Easily build and publish project pages through our intuitive platform

Data-driven decisions

Analyse real-time responses, reports and easily export


Keep a clear overview of all your consultations

Deploy projects

Deploy new projects in a matter of clicks and minutes


Respond to contributions immediately in real-time

Have your say

Library upgrade 2021

Thank you all for an amazing response so far. Your feedback and suggestions will help shape the future of our thriving community


Centralise community engagement

Facilitate digital engagement through an intuitive participation platform. Offering a suite of tools and out of the box templates enabling simple and easy setup 

Keep the community informed through a dedicated project page. Share images, key project dates, highlights, maps and encourage engagement through social media sharing

Engagement toolbox

A comprehensive suite of tools designed to increase community participation


Utilise District Smart Forms to survey your community through a set of comprehensive features. Select your question format, style your survey and embed media

Quick polls

Gather feedback and report real-time results through dynamic charting. A jumpstart participation tool encouraging simple and quick feedback


Drive topic-based discussions in a safe and interactive space, allowing community members and decision-makers to engage with each other in threaded discussions

Map-based feedback

Gather spatial feedback and photos directly on a map with a simple pin drop, giving the community the opportunity to share insights on specific geographic locations

Get inspired

A virtual wall for the community to share what inspires them and to vote on  member generated ideas. This brainstorming tool facilitates community contributions and increases participation


WCAG compliant

Projects created through our engagement platform comply with the latest accessibility standards

Make informed decisions

Visualise text based responses in graphs or charts, allowing you to extract valuable insights and better understand community sentiment

Sharable reporting

Generate exportable reports of engagement feedback in raw data format (CSV or Excel) or in production ready PDFs downloadable by the public

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